Goodflow. provides

services that go beyond that of a traditional agency.

Our services comprise comprehensive solutions tailored to our  clients' needs. 

Our team is focused on mutual value-creation and joint decision-making.

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Goodflow.'s high-level scope of services

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Strategy development

Define the brand’s path within the industry – how, where, and when to expand.

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Strategy execution

Leverage global partnerships to negotiate worldwide opportunities.

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Business launch

Launch selected opportunities and establish business performance indicators.

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Day-to-day operations

Manage daily activities and ensure continuous top-line growth.

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Discuss new growth and development opportunities with channels’ operators.

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Closing the gap


At Goodflow. we leverage our diversified skill sets to gain a competitive advantage, aiming not only to help brands enter the Travel Retail industry but to grow successfully, continuously, and sustainably. The aim is to go beyond the objective of just increasing global sales but to strive for an outstanding level of service during every step of the way through a highly service-driven mentality. A unique service that positions us more towards being part of the brand rather than an external agency.


Define and implement brands‘ expansion in the Travel Retail industry based on product, price, geolocation and target clientele.

Brand Compass


Develop and apply tailored approaches to drive top-line growth and identify cost reduction opportunities.

Sales Booster


Develop and implement solutions based on strategic planning and creative thinking from a different point of view.

Strategic Advisory

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Goodflow.'s core services

Want to partner with us?

We go beyond short-term opportunities, 
supporting brands to grow  continuously  and  sustainably. 

Our core services stretch across four areas, each one tailored to our clients' strategic and operational needs.

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