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The ‘Anassa experience begins upon opening the package, which is filled with exceptional organic Greek herbs. These aromatic herbs are endowed with exceptional advantages as they are favored by both climate and soil conditions of the country and are extremely rich in essential oils. Combining tradition with modern scientific methods, ‘Anassa teas offer an extraordinary tasting experience based on a uniquely patented serving method and award-winning flavors. The end-to-end manufacturing process is done by hand. The picking, selection, and packaging of the herbs into the final product is managed directly in ‘Anassa’s headquarter to guarantee full control of quality without compromise.

Unique impact

During the Greek economic crisis, ‘Anassa’s vision was to provide the world with a unique Greek beverage, directly derived from the country’s rich nature. While simultaneously providing new job opportunities to enhance current job prospects, they also aimed to support Greece’s agricultural industry. ‘Anassa managed to create a product which would make the Greeks around the world feel proud of their heritage.


ARTICLE22 is jewelry handmade in Laos and celebrates stories of positive transformation, making an impact. During the Vietnam War in 1975, 250 million bombs dropped in Laos and 80 million failed to detonate. Subsistence farmers became artisans, as they returned to their ravaged villages and found their land littered with war debris. From earthen kilns, they melted shrapnel and cast noodle soup spoons to sell at the local market. Slowly, they began to clear and reclaim their land. 35 years later, through a chance encounter with an American, they made a new object for the first time – a bracelet that will travel the world and make a positive impact.

Unique impact

Taking this local innovation globally, ARTICLE22 and artisans create Peacebomb jewelry, upcycled from shrapnel and other scraps. Artisans, formerly subsistence farmers, earn at least 5x the local price of a spoon and up to 5x local minimum wage. Today, the collection is finished by local fair trade silversmiths and weavers. Each piece helps Mines Advisory Group clear unexploded ordnance from their land. By the end of 2019, ARTICLE22’s contribution to MAG will have cleared over 375,000 square meters of bomb littered land.


Kuida Skincare is the first brand in Colombia to develop cosmeceutical products (Cosmetics + Pharmaceuticals) based on the benefits of CBD. It is undoubtedly a different skincare brand. Combining the best of both, the natural and technological worlds, Kuida Skincare takes the CBD from Cannabis and uses highly specialized cosmetic active skincare ingredients, turning them into CBDERM®, a unique technology that provides a potent antioxidant action on the skin (e.g. prevent signs of aging, retain more water in the skin providing greater hydration, improve elasticity and firmness, protect yourself against free radicals)

Unique impact

While many CBD skincare products lack scientific support and evidence for its claims, Kuida skincare stands out from the rest of the CBD beauty brands, as its parent company has a serious scientific backbone: Khiron Life Sciences Corp. A vertically integrated cannabis company, which is publicly listed on global stock exchanges. Khiron combines cultivation, scientific expertise, product development, and good manufacturing practices to address patients’ medical needs. Khiron has a wholly-owned clinic network, which are the first clinics in Colombia to prescribe medical cannabis products. In addition, Khiron is developing clinical studies in several specific formulations with THC and CBD that serve as therapy for diverse medical conditions, such as Cancer, Parkinson, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, and Dementia.


In 2009, the idea for PhoneSoap was born. PhoneSoap was created to bring proper sanitizing to the 21st century and is the first of its kind and only patented 360° cell phone charger that cleans and sanitizes your entire phone. We take our phones everywhere we go and we use them in between everything we touch. While we may wash our hands from time to time, we never wash our phones. All the germs we collect throughout the day on our hands get transferred to our phones. Our phones have truly become the third hand we never wash. All of PhoneSoap’s sanitizing products use UV-C light to kill 99.99% of germs on all product surfaces in just minutes. This patented and clinically proven technology eliminates the need for sanitizing wipes, which aren’t always effective and can cause long-term damage to electronics, especially touchscreens.

Unique impact

PhoneSoap helps people to stay healthy through UV-light sanitization. With people becoming more conscious about health and hygiene, PhoneSoap enables consumers to feel safer in their everyday life and when traveling through the world. The results of their sanitization products have been clinically tested and proven for the most relevant pathogens in today’s world.


Worldwide Buddies was born out of our curiosity and fascination about the diverse realities and wonders of our world, and out of a sense of obligation to pass these onto the little humans out there. Growing up in a divided country, the founders were brought up reading stories, hearing stories, sometimes even writing stories, of the "good guys" and the "bad guys", of "us" and "them", of classifications, drawn lines, and boundaries. But the older they got, the more they interacted with different people. Some of the "good guys", some of the "bad guys", lots of "us", lots of "them", and many, many, many more. The stories they were brought up with became blurred, jumbled in a vibrant assortment of stories, they became only a fraction of their perception. "Wouldn't it be lovely", they thought, "if we gave children these stories and experiences early on? Expand their minds and ability to learn and comprehend, fuel their imagination, and nurture their capacity to embrace all the friends they'll encounter in life? Wouldn't that turn them into the best adult humans yet?" They concluded that it would and so they did.

Unique impact

Worldwide Buddies provides books, toys, and games to children that enable them to learn about the cultural differences in today’s interconnected world. Early on, children hear about all the stories they might never hear, the different perspectives they might miss out on and the surprising similarities they would only discover along the way. In addition, Worldwide Buddies sheds light on the endangered species of the world, allowing children to develop a sense of responsibility for nature and the animal kingdom.

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