Goodflow. embodies the brands it re-presents within
the industry.


Consciously represent select brands that have a purpose and a unique story to tell.

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A Travel Retail experience of unique brands for every traveler that shares our passion to have a positive impact on people and the environment.

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Our point of view started from ‘being the brand’ and evolved into ‘representing the brand.’ One of our three founders, Daisy, spent over eight years within the Travel Retail department of three different international brands, whereas the brothers, Nikolai and Maxim, have an entirely diversified background in Sales, Marketing and Management Consulting across various industries. After many discussions between the three, they realized that diversified skill sets with a fresh mindset would enable brands to capitalize on the Travel Retail industry’s growth momentum even further. Hence, the idea was born to develop an Agency model that is able to provide services beyond that of a traditional Agency.

At Goodflow. we leverage these diversified skill sets to gain a competitive advantage, aiming not only to help brands enter the Travel Retail industry but to grow successfully, continuously, and sustainably. The aim is to go beyond the objective of just increasing global sales but to strive for an outstanding level of service during every step of the way through a highly service-driven mentality. A unique service that positions us more towards being part of the brand rather than an external agency. We chose the name Goodflow. as it literally embodies a constant aim for a ‘good flow’ between all stakeholders in the Travel Retail ecosystem: brands, operators, landlords, and final customers.

Our story


Goodflow. values

Value I: Aim for a ‘Goodflow’

Amaze our clients, partners and end-customers through creative thinking and seamless services.

Value II: Never stop growing

Be curious by heart, ask for help when needed and keep embracing learning opportunities.

Value III: Be reliable

Enable a work environment in which clients, partners, and your team can depend on you.


Ready for the leap into Travel Retail?

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