Travel Retail is the business mainly revolving around airports, airplanes, cruise ships, and downtown duty free stores.

We, Goodflow., are a global Travel Retail  Agency. 

Our mission is to consciously represent brands that have a purpose and a unique story to tell, helping them to successfully enter the industry and grow continuously. We embody the brands we represent, managing entirely the daily operations through the extensive dedication of time, expertise, and contacts to boost growth at its full potential.

Based on our strong value proposition, we enable brands to conquer the world of Travel Retail.

We partner with brands to help them enter the industry and grow across all channels.

Goodflow.'s value proposition


Global Travel Retail partnerships


Versatile skill sets

Dynamic team






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Entering the Travel Retail industry unlocks a plethora of  benefits. 

Brands can uncover an entirely new landscape of customers and regions.


Benefit #1

Increase brand visibility

The brand is exposed to millions of travelers across the globe through various channels.


Benefit #2

Improve customer loyalty

Customers are exposed to brands wherever they travel, building up a subconscious feeling of loyalty.


Benefit #3

Recruit new customers globally

Travel Retail enables brands to enter new geographic markets with lesser efforts required.

Overall benefit

Increase global

The three benefits combined can lead to an overall increase in worldwide sales for brands, which translates into a global market size of USD 88bn in 2019 and is projected to skyrocket to USD 154bn by 2025.

Next to the direct monetary benefits, lie the indirect yet tremendous advantages for a brand to expose their products to a vast number of different nationalities and customer profiles across the globe.

Ready to reap the benefits of Travel Retail?

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